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"Terri brings both wonderful talent and heart to her mission; to provide women battling cancer with the highest quality beauty services.”

Dr. Kent Hoskins
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The Inspiration Salon provides a variety of post-surgical breast care products from American Breast Care (ABC). ABC says, “We make mastectomy bras for the woman you are, not for the surgery you've had.” Visit

ABC's post-surgery mastectomy bras are soft, comfortable, and feminine. They have cotton/spandex pockets that securely hold breast forms in place and offer a relaxed support that makes them easy to wear. The appointments on the back of our bras are made of a non-coated metal which makes them easier to slip into and also makes for greater durability.”

The Postsurgical Kit
Post Surgical Mastectomy KitIn the days following surgery, softness and comfort are paramount. The kit comes packaged in a gift bag which contains an inspiring message. Included in the kit is a soft cotton leisure bra, two Velcro-attachable pouches for drain bulbs, and a confidence-boosting feather-weight puff breast form.

Color: white   Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL   A/B Cup or C/D Cup


Many women wear a breast prosthesis after breast surgery because it is a simple, comfortable, and natural-looking way to restore symmetry. A well-made, well-cared for breast form will provide years of service.

American Breast Care breast forms come in a variety of shapes. Silicone options range from standard, lightweight, ultra light, and super soft.

All of ABC's breast forms are manufactured in the USA.

The Massage Form™Breast Form From American Breast Care
American Breast Care is excited to introduce another innovative product for women who undergo breast cancer treatment. Our breakthrough breast form, the Massage Form™, was designed to provide extra comfort for women with lymphedema.

Elliptical Shaper
Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8
Lightweight Silicone Elliptical Shapter Breast Form
  • Place the thick edge wherever there is a deficit
  • Can help anchor bra and provide symmetry after breast conserving surgery or reconstruction
  • Use for enhancement and/or natural balancing needs
  • Can be turned as needed for an individualized fit
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