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A salon specializing in products and services for hair loss and breast prosthesis.

“Terri’s warmth and kindness bring a special touch to everyone she serves. Her heartfelt mission to help women feel better about themselves both spiritually and cosmetically is contagious. One cannot help walk away from a visit with a renewed spirit.”

Dr. Jane Pearson
St. Anthony Hospital

Terri Johnston interviewed by Chicago ABC7 on fashion wear for breast cancer survivors. Watch Here

Women With Breast Cancer Get Support at the Inspiration Salon

Offering Hope, Strength, and Courage for Breast Cancer Survivors!

Inside The Inspiration SalonIf you or someone you know and care about is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, you understand how drastically life can be altered during this time. Dealing with the disease’s symptoms and treatments is difficult enough. But, in the case of women and children, coping with the extreme changes in outward appearance may seem even worse. The psychological and emotional effect of mastectomy and/or chemotherapy related hair loss can be tantamount to a secondary disease resulting in stress, anxiety, and many levels of depression. It can result in loss of self-esteem and confidence.

Cancer treatment is not the only condition that can result in hair loss.  One of out of every 100 people suffer with Alopeci Areata, or unnatural hair loss. This is a common autoimmune disease that, while not life threatening, can also have psychological and emotional effects similar to those experienced by cancer patients.

That’s why Inspiration Salon is here to help! We provide products that are natural looking and beautiful that will improve a patients’ outward appearance and help them regain a greater sense of well-being.

The Inspiration Salon offers
  • Private, personal consultations by Terri Johnston, a licensed and experienced cosmetologist and certified breast prosthesis fitter, and/or her staff
  • Customized wigs and products for full or partial hair loss
  • Turbans and scarves
  • Therapeutic massage
Massage Room Inside The Inspiration Salon

There is no charge for a private, personal consultation in the comfort and privacy of the salon. If preferred, a consultation during the hospital admission is also an option. Consultations are scheduled by appointment.
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