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“Terri’s services open the door to every person she touches to assist a person’s innate healing ability. She is dedicated to personal service and has the dynamic ability to meet your restorative needs.”

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Women With Breast Cancer


by Terri J. Johnston

The Inspiration & Life Enhancement, which is a resource center for women's health and wellness, with special emphasis on cancer support, was launched in November, 2004. I'm a licensed cosmetologist with 30 years experience and an impressive curriculum of education in hair, breast prosthetics, and corrective makeup. I've been a successful business owner for many years.

Terri Johnston TodayMy hair salon has a special, private area for women experiencing hair loss, with custom wigs and hair pieces. I also help women select and fit breast prosthetics. I want to give women resources when they are diagnosed with cancer. They will receive everything needed to get through a difficult time.

I was formerly a cosmetologist with my own salon, A Cut Above, for 24 years in my home in Oregon, IL. I came to
work in Rockford in 2000
because of my work with
cancer patients.

Terri Johnston During Breast Cancer RecoveryI have been a breast cancer survivor since 1997. I was interested in the field even before I was ever diagnosed. I went to school to learn to do wigs because one of my clients was going through cancer and came to me for help with her hair loss. That was in 1996.

She came to me, trusting that I would help her. I knew nothing about wigs at that time, so I brought her to Rockford myself, to a place where she could get a wig. As I watched, I thought that I would love to be able to do this service for women myself.

Soon after that day, I learned the specialty at International Hair Goods in Minnesota. After my training was completed I made brochures for hospitals to talk about the diversification in my business. The day my brochures were to go to the printer I received a call from my doctor to tell me I was diagnosed with cancer myself.

After I had a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation, which took over a year, I came to Rockford and started promoting the American Cancer Society's Look Good, Feel Better program. Although volunteer cosmetologists provide the services at Look Good, Feel Better, the program had been languishing. When I started working with the program, I got all the hospitals in Rockford involved so we could reach the largest number of women possible.

My experience with breast cancer taught me the challenges, both physical and psychological, that result from cancer treatments. I created the Inspiration Salon and then founded the Inspiration for Hope Foundation to assist women in coping with serious appearance-related concerns, especially significant sudden hair loss (alopecia areata). I've been there. And I've worked hard to acquire the professional knowledge and expertise to make a real difference.

During my career I have strived to stay in the forefront of international trends and developments, both in the fields of breast prosthesis fitting and in cosmetology. I've traveled throughout the US and Europe as an educator for Kuene, a European hair cosmetics company. I've attended international training classes and networked with some of the leaders in the field. I feel that I'm uniquely qualified to provide the most supportive and results-oriented help possible.
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