Beautiful Lady With Arms In Victory!
“Terri is without peer in her ability to establish a professional and personal rapport with all those she works with. The results she obtains are commensurate with the level of glowing dedication, so obvious to those needing this type of service.”

Dr. R.K. Johnson
Plastic Surgeon
All Rockford Hospitals
Women With Breast Cancer


Thanks for Being There
As I approach the end of my Breast Cancer treatments, I wanted to take this time to thank you for all you have done for me. Going through all of the physical changes (hair loss; head, eyebrows and eyelashes) that breast cancer brings has been just as difficult for me as fighting the disease itself. From the beginning you were there for me guiding me through the transition. From cutting my hair short, to selecting the most natural looking wig, to teaching me how to fill in my eyebrows . . . you have been there for me. When it came time to choose a wig, I had no idea how I was going to pay for it. All I knew is I needed something that would make me feel as natural as possible and not like a cancer patient. When you informed me that my insurance company had coverage for that, I shed tears of joy. My heart breaks for the women who don't have insurance coverage. I pray that one day it becomes mandatory of all insurance companies. To me it's such a crucial part of the healing process, emotionally. Once again, I thank you. Please know in your heart everyday that what you do makes a huge difference in people's lives. You are a blessing!

Coming to the Rescue
Losing your hair is one of the many emotional journeys a woman going through chemotherapy takes. Finding Terri at The Inspiration Salon was wonderful. She helped me choose a wig and style it so that people who saw me in it didn’t even realize that it was a wig. She also came to the rescue one day when I accidentally burned the bangs. She made it beautiful again. It was important to me to feel as normal as I could, and Terri’s wig and service have helped me to have the confidence to go anywhere and do anything with my head held high.

Understanding My Needs
Even though I was losing my hair for the third time, Terri made the process of wig selection fun. She is very professional and is "one of us," a cancer survivor. I consider her my friend."

Preserving My Image
My wig allowed me to maintain some sense of normalcy during treatment. Those who didn’t know I was going through chemotherapy had no idea I wore a wig for 11 month. I was able to maintain my professional obligations and image, and I attribute this to my wig.
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