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"Most women can tolerate chemo, the aches and sick feelings, but they are most affected by the result of hair loss."

Dr. Paul Soway
Oncologist, St. Alexis Cancer Center
Hoffman Estates, IL
Women With Breast Cancer


Women's hair loss due to chemotherapy. What can I expect?
Hair loss usually occurs 10 days to two weeks after the first treatment. The amount of hair loss a woman will experience varies between individuals and the strength of the medication. All work is custom. Each patient is measured for the best fit.

When to Start
We recommend starting even before treatment begins. By starting before hair loss begins, we can match hair color and style as closely as possible. However, even if you’ve already experienced hair loss, we can still assess your needs and help you. Our goal is to help every woman feel like herself. We can also create a hair prosthesis and deliver it as quickly as overnight.

Assortment of Custom Wigs


Hair Prosthesis start at $125 and can range up to $2500. The Inspiration Salon can provide insurance billing for patients. All credit cards accepted. For patients unable to afford products, Inspiration for Hope Foundation may be able to help.

Private Wig Fitting Rooms

The Inspiration Salon also has a nice assortment of sleep caps, turbans, hats & scarves. We will help you find "your" style.

Wig model Angela Giolitto shares her story saying:
I am 34 and I have breast cancer. This is my 2nd battle with this dreaded disease. The first time, was one month before my 30th birthday. After an unsuccessful lumpectomy, I had a mastectomy on my right breast.  I required no chemotherapy, because it was DCIS and considered stage zero.
I was informed that I had only a 2% chance of reoccurrence. For 4 years I was cancer free and had mammograms checking the left breast because of having an implant. While performing a self-exam last November, I found another lump in the breast tissue just outside my implant. The doctors were not able to remove my entire tumor, therefore, they treated this area with the most aggressive chemotherapy treatment program possible. This, of course, made my long brown hair fall out. I found this very hard to face. Having my head completely shaved, was like having my identity stripped away, however, trying on different wigs made me feel whole again. I always loved being able to style my hair to suit my mood. I soon discovered that wigs can also be styled in a variety of ways, and nobody around even knows that underneath it I am bald. It makes a woman feel beautiful again having wigs available to her during such a hard time. What a blessing to be able to enjoy wigs and feel lovely inside.
—Angela Giolitto

So if you have experienced hair loss, or wish to be fitted for a hair prosthesis before hair loss occurs, contact The Inspiration Salon.
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